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Supra Mens Twill White Brown Grey Size Shoes Low Yorek Need to be heard in Washington? For over a quarter of a century, Alcalde & Fay has been Washington’s premier independent advocacy resource. From legislative and regulatory affairs to communications and government marketing and procurement, Alcalde & Fay has helped corporations, individuals, municipal governments, foreign governments, associations and alliances meet their government affairs goals. Undoubtedly, a measure of our success lies in the fact that many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or longer.



Drawing on the expertise of former Executive Branch officials, Members of Congress and Congressional staff, Alcalde & Fay is able to provide efficient, effective representation of your views and input to federal decision-makers. Efficient, because we have worked with Washington leadership for over 40 years. Effective, because they respect our expertise and the high caliber of our work standards.



In Washington's complex maze, it's important to have a firm represent your federal agenda every day. Alcalde & Fay is recognized worldwide for its expertise in federal representation of education, environment/energy, general/corporate, international, maritime, municipalities/public bodies, transportation and infrastructure practice group areas. Alcalde & Fay’s bi-partisan reputation, combined with our high standards of excellence, command attention from senior level decision-makers in the Administration, the Halls of Congress, and offices of every department and agency throughout the Federal government.


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Alcalde & Fay, Virginia, LLC, a subsidiary of Alcalde & Fay, was established to represent clients before the state government of Virginia. Our experience at the highest levels of Virginia state government dates back to the 1980s. Our clients include local governments and corporations with interests before the Office of the Governor, the Cabinet and key agencies, and the General Assembly. Our record of success for our clients, the vigorous advocacy we employ based on our knowledge of the issues, our reputation for professionalism and integrity combined with our personal backgrounds and experience make Alcalde & Fay – Virginia an excellent choice to represent your interests in Virginia. We will give you our very best advice and counsel, work hard to exceed your expectations and will serve as vigorous advocates before State officials on your behalf.

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Our expertise, bi-partisan profile and extensive knowledge of the process by which public policy is made, both inside and outside the Beltway, ensures that Alcalde & Fay clients achieve success.